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Report - “La réparation des violations de droits de l’homme” on 03 May 2018
Report - “Ethics Course: A comparison of the ethical rules applicable to the three branches of the legal profession” on 08 May 2018
Report - “Le Pacte d’actionnaires: enjeux et rédaction” on 22 March 2018
Report - “Is the absence of legal assistance a denial of the right to a fair trial?” on 04 May 2018
Report of CPD by Mr Reza Uteem on "A Practitioner's approach to estate planning for Mauritians and Foreigners: opportunities and threats" on 11 April 2018
Report - Ethical Conflict as a Law Practitioner on 20.02.2018
Report - "Money-laundering: the reporting obligations of professionals and regulated persons and associated regulatory and criminal liabilities” by Mr Paul Ozin QC on 27 March 2018
Report - "Comment le Conseil Constitutionnel Français s’est érigé au fil des années en une authentique juridiction constitutionnelle" by Mme Dominique Lottin on 15 March 2018
Report - "Deconstructing International Arbitration Awards" by Mr Túlio Di Giacomo Toledo on 14 March 2018
Report - “International Law and E-Waste Trafficking” by Ms Stéphanie Reiche-de Vigan on 2nd of March 2018
Report - "Marine Environmental Law” by Dr Erika J Techera on 1st of March 2018
Report - “La question de la garde des enfants mineurs dans le cadre de la séparation des parents » by Mrs Narghis Bundhun, SC on 28 February 2018
Report - Seminar on “Better Management for Barristers” by Mr Sanjeev Ghurburrun on 22 February 2018
Report - Criminal Use of emerging technologies: cybercrimes and cryptocurrencies” by Mr Zahid Jamil on 24 January 2018
Report - Technique Contractuelle by JB Seube - 08 Fevrier 2018
State Reporting to UN Treaty Bodies by Mrs Prameeta D. R. Goordyal-Chittoo on 30.01.2018
Report on talk by Prof Pascal Puig on 25 january 2018
Report - Roles of the Judiciary & Legal Profession in TIP cases, 7th of December, 2017 by Ms. Deslie Billich
Report - GLACY+: Towards a mainstream approach to training judges and prosecutors in cybercrime and e-evidence