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Technique Contractuelle by JB Seube - 08 Fevrier 2018
State Reporting to UN Treaty Bodies by Mrs Prameeta D. R. Goordyal-Chittoo on 30.01.2018
Report on talk by Prof Pascal Puig on 25 january 2018
Report - Roles of the Judiciary & Legal Profession in TIP cases, 7th of December, 2017 by Ms. Deslie Billich
Report - GLACY+: Towards a mainstream approach to training judges and prosecutors in cybercrime and e-evidence
Report on Panel Discussion on Child Sexual Abuse on 28 Nov 2017
Report - Threats and Challenges to Data Protection and Privacy
Workshops conducted by IJLS (January 2017 to August 2017)
Resume Colloque 6 juillet 2017 hotel Maritim
Report on the IJLS Pupils Moot Competition 2017
Report - Copyright in the Digital Age on 14.06.2017
Anti-bribery laws and expert evidence in criminal trials
Report on workshop for Ushers held on Saturday 20 May at the IJLS
Advocacy Training Workshop 26-28 april 2017