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Report on workshop on Mediation held by Ms Béatrice Blohorn-Brenneur, Mr Henri Cohen-Solal and Me Narghis Bundhun, SC, on 12 April 2018
Report - “La filiation: Actions en désaveu et recherche de paternité et maternité, et actions en réclamation d’état” on 19 June 2018
Report - Bail through Constitutional Provisions- principles and challenges on 13 April 2018
Report - Conserving the past - the role of international law in safeguarding heritage in Mauritius on 3 April 2018
Report - Dishonesty and want of integrity allegations in disciplinary proceedings in the UK on 26 March 2018
Report on An overview of the amendments brought to the Copyright Act 2014 and the latest trend in case laws in this area on 23 May 2018
Report on the Exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion - Considerations and Ethics on 06 February 2018
Report - The Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) on 07 February 2018
Report - “Managing a scene of crime” on 09 May 2018
Report - “Medical Negligence: Mauritian perspective” on 17 May 2018
Report - “Human Rights, HIV and the Law: a decade later, where do we stand” on 20 March 2018
Report - “Dealing with a medical and scientific expert witness” on 20 June 2018
Report on "RGPD – Ou pourquoi les sociétés mauriciennes doivent s’en préoccuper – qu’est-ce que c’est? A qui s’adresse-t-il? Comment accompagner nos clients?” on 29 May 2018
Report on the IJLS Pupils Moot Competition 2018
Report - Droit des contrats: variations des clauses dans le contrat on 27.06.18 by Prof J.B. Seube
Report - Ethics-Professional Etiquette by Me Narghis Bundhun, SC on 21 June 2018
Report - Regards croisés sur le traitement des contentieux administratifs on 25.06.18 (m. Duplan et me. Bhuckory)
Report - “Civil Procedure before District Court and Intermediate Court: focus on Saisie d’arrêt (attachment) before the Judges in Chambers, the District Court and the Intermediate Court. Appeals in District and new trial in District and Intermediate
Report - “La déontologie des professions juridiques et judiciaires” on 30 May 2018