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International Climate Change Diplomacy Legal and Governance Implications for a Small Island Nation like Mauritius
The Constitution at 50 - Looking ahead by Prof. Milan Meetarbhan
European Convention on Human Rights
Convention européenne des droits de l’homme
Judicial Procedure -- Excerpt document created 22-10-15
Case of Schatschaschwili v. Germany
Case of Al-khawaja and Tahery v. The United Kingdom
Environmental Enforcement in the US - 21 June 2017
Questions of Ethics - 10 July 2017
Ethics Reading List - 10 July 2017
Civil Pro Lecture by Me Ramdewar at IJLS on 16.05.2017
Sale by Levy by Me. Abbasakoor on 17.05.2017
Presentation for Mr Ahmine 24.05.2017
Presentation - The International Tax Landscape – Impact on Mauritius IFC 02.06.2017
Empowering the recovery of corrupt assets - Mr Tim Owen QC 25.05.17
IJLS Presentation - Mr Pravin Harrah Ms Yusra Beebeejaun 23.05.17
Bribery Talk - Tim Owen 24.05.17