Full Day Seminar - Better Management for Barristers

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Mr Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director of Geroudis, Law Firm.

His brief bio-profile:  
"Director of the Geroudis Law Firm, a specialized law firm to assist businesses to create and manage leadership on markets."

Target audience:
Barristers, Attorneys and Notaries

Course description:  

How do some barrister and attorneys become successful whilst others toil and slog for a whole career and do not seem to make any progress or money out of the legal profession?

Surprisingly, most of us, lawyers and attorneys get into law as a noble profession or to defend the cause or other reason completely unrelated to running a business. In some countries, it is even against ethics to consider law as a business. Since all our education has been around how to become a good lawyer, it remains very difficult for any of us to leave aside that training to become a good business person. But make no mistake – to run a successful practice, a barrister or solicitor has to balance 2 requirements – helping your client and running a business.

This seminar is about the second part. It endeavours to give some insight on how lawyers become successful and leave a legacy behind. It consists of pragmatic and practical approaches rather than heavy theory. Remember – Profitable lawyers are happy lawyers.

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Experience Level:
Law Practitioners & Legal Officers