Notice for 11th Induction Course for Prospective Barristers

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The IJLS is organizing its eleventh Induction Course as mandated under section 5A (6) of the Law Practitioners Act 2011. The course will start in October 2018 and will conclude in December 2018. Those of you who are required to undertake this course must come to the office of the IJLS to submit the registration form and deposit the course fee of MUR 5000 (by cheque payable to the Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies) before Friday 7th September 2018.

Click Here for the course schedule.

In order to get the certificate of attendance, the full course has to be followed and the absence from classes will disqualify for the certificate.

The IJLS reserves the right to postpone or prepone any course subject to the availability of the resource person.

You are kindly requested to book up to Monday 10th December 2018 in case there is any postponement of courses.

Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies