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24 october 2017 - course description form
Financial Crimes Money Laundering Offences Reporting Obligations Under FIAMLA by Me. Rashid Ahmine
Ethics Course on The importance of decorum within the Courtroom and beyond
International Climate Change Diplomacy Legal and Governance Implications for a Small Island Nation like Mauritius
The Constitution at 50 - Looking ahead by Prof. Milan Meetarbhan
European Convention on Human Rights
Convention européenne des droits de l’homme
Judicial Procedure -- Excerpt document created 22-10-15
Case of Schatschaschwili v. Germany
Case of Al-khawaja and Tahery v. The United Kingdom
Environmental Enforcement in the US - 21 June 2017
Questions of Ethics - 10 July 2017
Ethics Reading List - 10 July 2017
Civil Pro Lecture by Me Ramdewar at IJLS on 16.05.2017
Sale by Levy by Me. Abbasakoor on 17.05.2017
Presentation for Mr Ahmine 24.05.2017